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It’s Perfectly Ruined

Wiglaf is perfect so he’ll save the hang out session but that itinerary is a lost cause. :P

I’m getting fond of that green hair. It’s letting me use yellow in backgrounds again. Lol. Usually I can’t when Wiglaf is on screen ’cause his hair gets lost in it. XD

Edit: I performed in a concert today and it was a great success! But I went straight from that to D&D and now I’m wiped. Lol. Gonna’ finish a little crochet project and then pass out. I’ll see you all on Wednesday.


If Wiglaf’s yellow locks are locking you out from using yellow, then why not have him go bald for a bit at a later time or in another arc? His reaction to having his hair cut off by Mordred was simply priceless. I can only imagine how entertaining his reaction to all of his hair being gone would be. -w-


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