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It’s Proprietary

Factory tours don’t actually show you much. Most of it is just historical stuff in prepared rooms that look like museums (or at least on every tour like this I’ve been on–I can’t speak for all of them). End point: Lancelot’s evil plan is in action!

Edit: I was doing chores on Saturday (yard work…ahhhh) and I’m sore. Also tired. Tomorrow’s gonna’ be very long, so to bed early for me! But in good news: I started NaNoWriMo! :D I’m going to work on the script for my visual novel this month. Wish me luck!!! :D

Edit #2 11/4/20:  I don’t like skipping twice in a row but I’m so tired my eyes are already half closing and it’s like 8:30 p.m. It’s not even a bad tired for once. It’s just a straight up it’s election week and it’s high stress everywhere and I think everyone needs a break this week. Just…a break. I am chipping away at NaNo though! I’m working through the Visual Novel and that’s exciting. So even though I’m halfway to falling asleep, I still have something to be happy about and that’s…that’s really great. I will see you guys with a new WaM strip on Friday for *sure*. Take a break! Drink some water! See you then!


I had a tour of the Cadbury Factory in Tasmania over a decade ago. From memory, they did show you around the places that did things with the half-completed products where people were working. It didn’t show you anything sensitive, nor anything about the mixes or mixing process, just some of the machines that didn’t overly need anyone around them.

Of course, they have since closed down the tour, probably to do things like improve workplace flow.


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