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It’s Quiet, Too

Of all the ones to not have time to finish. XD Didn’t even finish inking…

Final up sometime Friday night. XD

Edit: It’s done.





And here Sedrick probably thought that he killed all of Arthur’s dragons. Silly Sedrick, you really shouldn’t mess with a guy’s pets and family.


…Not to nit-pick or anything, but “back aside”?


Great job, Liliy. I love how you drew the dragon. And I love how Arthur rides on its hwad between the horns, too. Excellent work!

Arthur knew that Sedrick’s insane rampage meant that it was time to bring out the heavy artillery. Luckily, Sedrick didn’t get to all of the dragons. ^_^

Sedrick and Wiglaf now have an even bigger battle than they realized. XD


Well, Arthur looks awesome in that first panel. I agree a little with the awkward wording though? Back off or stand aside would make more sense to me as well. Lovely page, even in mostly-sketched form. <3


Now Sedrick learns the hardest lesson of life; if you kill a bunch of a guy’s beloved pets, aka his “babies”, you better believe he will use a really AWESOME looking, badass one to make you pay big time. Short version? There is ALWAYS more dragons where Arthur’s concerned ^x^


Whoah, I just realised, that thing has opposable thumbs….is there a reason we’re not worshipping our dragon overlords?


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