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It’s Replaceable

Sorry it’s late!

Here we go. XD This was what I was originally planning for Friday, but I was too tired for the effort needed. My bad. ^^;

Anyway. Moving on! Poor Driver…though I bet she’s secretly enjoying it right now. Ha ha.

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“Breaking Down” by John Mark McMillan


Hey, another excellent page. Mordred immediately coming to Driver’s aid is great. His expressions are well-done, and it is a great character moment for him. I also like Wiglaf being morally outraged. XD


MAN, I hope somebody hits Boss in the stomach so hard the eye flies back out.
Lancelot is gonna be PISSED. His Driver-sense probably just activated.


The fact that I’m smiling and almost bouncing up and down in my seat over this story line says far more about me then I usually would care to admit.
I think the last time I was this excited was when Mordred was stabbed and I kept refreshing the page because I couldn’t wait to see how the characters reacted and what would happen next.
And now all I can think of is that if this was happening in a live action movie I would be incredibly freaked out by this point…


I think the reason I hate strips as amazing and exciting as this one is waiting for updates. Wednesday can’t come quick enough.


… Isn’t this one of the first times that Mordred addressed Ainsley by her first name in the comic?
No wonder she’s enjoying it, even if, you know, blinding agony is currently occupying the place where her eye use to be.
What I’m amazed at is how he’s actually using the proper techniques to staunch the bloodflow. I’m pretty sure the apparent relaxed attitude he shows in the fifth panel is to help her calm down and keep her from going into shock, too.


Ahhhh… I am now seriously worried. How are they going to get out of this? Even when Wiglaf wasn’t responding to Mordred, I wasn’t worried, but now I don’t know how they can possibly win! *worries*


My first day back from no internet and this is what I find. Mordred is giving me SO many reasons to love him; taking care of his old friend by using his beloved scarf <3 <3


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