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Jealous and Proud

Ah, Hnæf reminds us he’s 12 with his child-like need for attention. Ha ha. Too bad he picked the wrong adult to desire attention and praise from. Sedrick doesn’t seem amused. *shakes head*

Anyway, I hope you guys are enjoying this arc. And for those of you who aren’t…deal. Wiglaf and Mordred will be back in like a week or two. :D

And if that’s not fast enough, check out these new link banners that Mike made:

Wiglaf Loves Mordred Banner Mordred Hates Wiglaf Banner


Yay buttons! XD

And yes, Hnæf probably should have chosen someone else to suck up to; Sedrick doesn’t seem the playful type. ^_^;


That’s a mighty toothy grin you gave Sedrick. ^_^ Poor Hnaef. He’d better be more careful not to overstep his bounds. At least he can redeem himself by copying Arthur’s journal. XD That would be amusing!


I’ve been wanting to comment on this entire strip for so long, but I never actually got around to it! -dies-

-revives- Evil-looking Sedrick is awesome~ I like how the third panel was red when he was like that.

Hnaef’s expression in the third panel is priceless. XD


it’s funny, but the fact that Sedrick is taller than Hnæf just emphasizes how short he is….

Just how tall is Sedrick, anyway?


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