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Jealousy Everywhere

I don’t know why, but part of me finds it surprising that Mordred knows what Ben’s name is, but then again, he is way more observant than he likes to let on, isn’t he? Hah.

Poor Wiglaf. He’s never quite been sure what to do with his fans. ;D


Mordred’s plenty observant. He knows and remembers hundreds of things Bliss tells him every day in excruciating detail, he remembers exact locations he’s only visited once….he just doesn’t usually care. They’re not relevant.

I was watching Criminal Minds recently and a certain line reminds me of Wiglaf now…”I never have any normal fans.” Poor guy.


Haha, I think Grace has a point. What if your imaginary friend fell in love and started ignoring you… It can be rough enough in real life, even worse with the magick involved here.


Grace does have a point. But never an edge… I think Wiglaf saw what I did there. XD I need to stop.


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