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Jumping Past Conclusions

There are brief moments I forget Vilhelm and Lennart aren’t Mordred and Wiglaf. But they are very brief. XD

Uh. Nothing new that I can think of.

Dark Souls is love. <3 Still. WHOO!

Edit: No WaM until Monday! I totally dropped the ball on this one. Something came up and when it was over I forgot it was Saturday and, well. XD My bad. I’m busy Sunday, so it’ll probably be up Monday night. Sorry!

I’m still rocking to the Meet The Robinsons Soundtrack. <3 Go listen~ XD


Technically Lennart is kind of right since they kill them to make them into artifacts (or at least it looks like they do)


That does raise the question of what this cult does with the former bodies of their victims. Do they just feed them to their resident cannibal?


I thought it was part of the magic. That it sucked body and soul into the artifact. But that was just a guess…


iirc they are literally turned into the objects.
Which is why when Grace at one point said he was the sword he meant it literally. There is no body left because it changes into the object, whatever it might me.


I cannot figure out the last panel. Is Malachi saying Vilhelm’s known Lennart longer than Malachi has or that Vilhelm has known Lennart longer than Vilhelm has known Malachi? And what “years in between” is he talking about?


GODDAMMIT LENNART MY HOME COUNTRY DOES ACTUALLY HAVE REAL PEOPLE IN IT! Why is Canada always used as an excuse when explaining sudden disappearances and fictional girlfriends?

*storms off, muttering*

razzum frazzum frickum frackum mumble grumble.


*twiddles fingers* If it makes you feel better I was just giving a shout out to the Canadian readers who come to my stream…and not referencing that trope? XD


If you say so …..
We will have either Timmies, or a local brew if that is your want, ready and waiting for when next you wish to travel to these much maligned shores.
I can also recommend some really good restaurants of almost any and all ethnic flavours.
Either that or we send you to Boucherville =P


Thanks for the shout out! Despite my muttering (which was not really meant, I swear!), I love it when someone mentions Canada. Especially if it’s in a web comic I love so much.


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