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Just Do It, Arthur

Man, I forgot how great drawing streams are to keeping me on track. I actually got WaM done (and drew a car!!) in like an hour. I need to remember to do it more often. XD

Either way, I’m back on track and I’ll see you Wednesday (unless work is insane in which case maybe not but I’m gonna try!).

Edit: Work is insane. There is so much going on this week. I’m exhausted. I’m sleeping. I hope I have energy on Friday. o-o *slow waves and passes out*

Edit 2: To no one’s surprise, the busy week continued through Friday. But the week of heck is over and I…am going to read and go to bed. I will definitely see you Sunday, though. No more of this skipping twice in a row just because I’m tired. o-o Thanks for reading! (And I love you’ve all been enjoying the boxy yellow car as much as Arthur!)


That thing is yellower than a banana and square as a box of matches. (What? No, not hating on the art. I’m questioning Arthur’s taste. Okay, maybe some of it is the art/perspective, but pretty sure most of it is Arthur’s taste…)


Arthur likes boxy cars. Who knew?

(And my car is yellow, so that is the author’s taste sneaking in. :P)


To be fair: Boxy cars can be really, really cute. The old Soul for example was an adorable boxy car… the new ones are too rounded. The Scion was nice too… and my mom has a Yellow Truck XD… I wouldn’t choose yellow, but it’s not bad at all. All and all: Author has taste. (Not sure if it’s good or bad though :P )


I had a Scion once! Not the boxy one, but I had the tC (poor car…it was totaled many years ago). It was a good car. But yes, the Scion was the first thing I thought of when it came to boxy cars. XD

Cheers for yellow trucks, too!


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