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Just In Time

Ha ha…do I even really need to say it? At least this time my excuse is I got home late and wanted to do nothing but crash.

But enough! No more posts full of nothing but excuses about my late color posts!

Go check out the forum or something and talk instead. It calls to you.

In other news, lookie lookie! Two seemingly separate plot lines have merged. Azrael finally made it to the front door. Hurrah! :B

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Piano Man” by Billy Joel


No post full of excuses. I feel cheated. >>

But yay for embarrassing children and converging plot lines! Though I doubt Driver was embarrassed as much as Mordred. XD


I’ve got to almost feel sorry for Horatio there… Then again, If it was the little dragon blocking him… Well that would have killed me from laughter. (Rambling… Am so tired I feel like my brain is dead… bllllaaarrrrggghhhhhhhhhh…)


No whining here. I totally get that…I get exhausted by all sorts of things, especially when I’m getting home late. (The fact that I have next to no stamina for physical things to speak of is beside the point.) If you wanna crash, Liliy, crash. Take a nap. Just lay there on the sofa and do nothing for an hour if you want. Watch TV. I like WAM, and I LOVE seeing new pages, but you’re important, too, Liliy. Take care of yourself, hon…sleep, eat, HAVE A LIFE.

…Not that I really have one. But the sleeping thing is REALLY important. *hugs you*


Ha ha; Life? What’s that? XD

But thanks for that. :) Though I shouldn’t do it too much..then I really will just be lazy. D:


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