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Just Like Last Time

Oh, Bliss, you. :D

Mordred gets some dialogue! Oh how he loves to talk. Or something.

No entries yet so far in the Pair-a-Thon, but I look forward to them! :D

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“Moving Right Along” from The Muppets Movie (The first one)


Ah-HAH! You DO care about him, Mordred!

You just better hope your pet ditz didn’t blow him u– wait, what’m I saying? Wiglaf and Mordred is called that for a reason. Besides, he’s practically indestructible.

…Still, it’d be nice to at least get some hurt/comfort up in here…


Heh. Someone looks… oh, I don’t know… concerned? No doubt Wiglaf saved his entire family and is perfectly fine. ^^


Hey, this is Wiglaf we are talking about here. The guy just extinguished a town on fire with ONE bucket of water. If he had the chance to do any saving he saved the whole town from the blast with just an ashcan lid.

My choice? He is vaporized and is even now, in the process of preparing to give Bliss a stern lecture. But that’s just me =P


While I’ll totally agree that Mordred is concerned for Wiglaf’s well-being, he could also be a touch worried how Wiglaf will react to the town being destroyed and “hundreds of people dying.”

And it’s kinda Mordred’s fault…Since Bliss is his…orb? Spirit? Pet? And he doesn’t he a good leash on her or her powers.

So he might be worried Wiglaf’s going to “Ground” him or leave him or something.


Somehow I’m feeling more “If Wiglaf survived that I should be running” then “I really hope he survived.” He is fairly unkillable and his village was just vaporized so I’m wondering if we’ll see the devil of Bohuslan rise from the rubble :)


I think this is most likely. I am really dying to see the Devil of Bohuslan. I mean, if a hero has a title, you expect it to be, like, something positive. Not demonic. Anyway. I think Mordred is worried about Wiglaf’s anger. Which we’ve only seen in flashes by now, and usually it rises to the surface when Mordred is threatened. (Which in and of itself is interesting.)


the dragon is not dead is it? and there where Sedrick and author are at least, and the the town people likely already fled from the fire and dragon. so the real question is wiglaf and family is. my guess is that wiglaf protected his family, camlann protects wigalf, maybe by teleporting/ blasting them out of the area.


M… Mor… Mordred /remembered/. And /cared/. “There were people in those houses!” It matters to him!!! *falls over*


Care? Mordred? I highly doubt it, unless his own comfort/skin is involved.
The look is more along the lines of dread – Heroes have a tendency to get a tad upset when hundreds of innocents are killed – those with anger management issues are most oft prone to show their displeasure through physical imprinting on the ones responsible.
Somehow I don’t think it would be limited to just an atomic-wedgie or pink hair dye in the shampoo.


I agree, he’s worried about Wiglaf’s reaction to the deaths (assuming Wiglaf didn’t manage to save them all), but I think the line “There were people in those houses!” is usually something you hear from a /good/ guy, trying to get the wrong-ness of whatever the bad guy just did across. Like “Besides, there are children in that park.” As in, that’s a reason not to have a battle in the park, for the sake of the loss of human life. Y’know? Maybe? Maybe not? :P


But Wiglaf can’t die, then who will be Mordred’s snuggle-buddy? I-I mean his friend; he doesn’t have enough of them.

I did love the look on Mordred’s face on the last panel; personally I believe it’s a mixture of “oh god he’s going to kill me when he shws but up” and “I hope to god he’s okay…please let him be okay…”


Heh heh, Mordred again gives away the fact that he’s got some warm feelings for Wiglaf. It’s understandable that a calamitous event like the disintegration of an entire town can bring out people’s true feelings in a hurry. XD


I love it when Mordred shows his human side. Like, usually he’s all “I don’t care about anyone go ahead and die but wait just go buy that book for me okay go ahead and off yourself now.” It’s so …awesome to see him show that he CARES. because he does. We all know it, Lack-imena Wiglaf Knows it, Driver knows it, Arthur and even Lancelot knows it. it’s just so touching to see it. And the fact that he yells at Bliss for killing Hundreds and you can just sense the GUILT and then his FACE in the last panel-!!!!!
Gonna admit, I teared up a lil.


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