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Just Like Old Times

Hey! I’m up on time! XD



I just love these two. They would make a great addition to literally any reality show ever made. Period.


Except in a reality show, someone else would inevitably push one of them into the other so they would kiss.


And this would be a bad thing why?


I’m not normally into watching other guys kiss, but I’m still going to side with you on this one.


While it would be cute, I don’t really want it to happen. They work so well the way they are now and I’m not ready for such a big change. Also I prefer the tease.


I’m against it. They make wonderful antagonistic friends, but they’d make a lousy couple. It would change the dynamic completely. Besides, I like the fact that there are still writers out there who acknowledge the fact that two people can be close friends without needing to sleep together.


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