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Just Listen To Her And Run

It hurts Grace deep inside to listen to Bliss and that she’s the only one making sense right now.

Note: There will not be a strip on Friday. I got behind on a lot of things (stressed) and took some me-time to cool down. The result is a skipped strip. But I will see you guys back on Sunday & I hope you’re enjoying this arc! If you are, let me know! :D


As always, this. Is. Awesome. I don’t post a lot but I make sure not to miss a post. I love how you weave in so many strains and quirk on historical or literary characters. This comics just makes me smile every time. Thank you. Take some well earned rest :)


Absolutely am enjoying this one. I like seeing Bliss being more of a character (if that makes sense). I like her a lot!


I am loving this arc! I feel very close to a reveal about the artifacts’ truths, and the ones making them…I am intrigued! I also love that every character has snark, there can never be enough snark :3


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