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Ah~ You can tell Wiglaf and Azrael are buddies. Though I do need to figure out when Azrael became Wiglaf’s arch rival instead of Arthur. Probably the same time I decided Arthur was a nice guy considering his occupation.

Hmm. Not sure what else to talk about. Transformers are still cool. Um. Yeah. I’m at a loss. Oh, & Ustream is still rocking for me getting strips done on time. Yay! Remember to check Twitter for times & announcements. :D

Song Listening Recommendation:

Pslam 42:11


XD Wiglaf and Azrael’s quarrels often seem very moderate in tone for two arch-enemies. So it makes sense that they would have been buddies at one time or another.

Mordred looks very odd somehow without his black shirt. XD


Is it just me or does Mordred look paler when he wears light colors? Probably just me. Also, love the little “Silence, Grace.” and Az twirling Grace.
…and now I want to take a roadtrip with Mordred if they all end up this interesting. XD


Well, appart from Azreal being a @#$%, I’m pretty sure that Wiglaf over reacted, and TOTALLY go for the tranz-formers *snicker*.


Mordred, karma is a bitch, trust me (=-.-=) on a nother note in panel three Azzie’s cloak makes him look kinda skinnier than normal


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