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Keep Dreaming

Wiglaf is way too happy in that second to last panel. *bops him*

Ha ha; Lancelot is silly. And crushing way too hard. And this begins the last segment of this Volume. It’ll probably be pretty short maybe one or two more strips.

And then – then it should be something fun. That’s right. A plot. Fear it. In a couple strips. :P

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Pet Names” by Smash Mouth


I vote for…… “munchabunch”! Since he likes her cooking, and all.
This is great. Nobody but Lancelot would interpret Driver’s meaning that way. *Gleeful.*


I like how fast Lancelot’s expression changes from panel 2 to 3, from cross to starry-eyed. Also like how crummy most of his names are. XD

Driver should feel fortunate…at least this time she’s being admired by someone who is aware that she is a woman. XD Too bad for her that Mordred never is quite so enthusiastic.


huh? is it just me or it it whenever Driver thinks about Mordred, her face goes a little wonky? o-o

it’s prolly just me.


That’s animu fantasy-face, where they suddenly look more goofy, or spacey or something because they’re lost in fantasy about the object of their lust(/crush). Noticing people lost like this can result in the observer manifesting the animu sweatdrop.


>.O Not exactly what i meant. I mean that her face structure is wonky. Her cheek bones are waaay up there. o-o


The mention of WAM having a plot is enough to stop me from actually commenting on this strip… but I’ll comment anyways. :P

Lol, Lancelot is definatly very silly. But sad that Driver isn’t trying to hurt thim. :(


Let me put it like this – I could put up with “sugar” or “sweetness”, but call me “fuzzy-wuzzy” twice in a row and I swear you won’t be able to apologise for munching on carpet. And I’m strictly pacifist. No wonder Driver’s seeing red.

Pummel him flat, girl :lol2:


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