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Keep Trying

I can’t stop listening to “Soldier Side” by System of a Down. Must try…nope. Can’t do it. *bangs ahead* “Young men standing on the top of their own graves, wondering when Jesus comes are they gonna’ be saved~ ”

Hrm. Nope. Failed that. Though I am suffering shell shock from….*gasp* Three in a row for the title characters. The world is ending I know it. *_*

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Brooklyn Rage” by Joey Wheeler (Little Kuriboh – Yugioh! The Abridged. Why aren’t you watching!?)


It must be done. It’ll take up a ton of space (sorry), but it must be done!
The evil one-liners for each of those!

Poison of Kings: I think he’s choking up.

Sword of Evil: How do you like your new evil scar?

Spear of Sorrow: So sorry I had to spear you!

Hear of Destruction: Behold the pulse of your destruction!

*Cube of Horrible Fates and Disasters – Was destroyed due to it’s horrid one-liner potential*

Prism of Guidance: Watch as I guide you off this cliff!

Orb of Bliss: Prepare for blissful contentedness as I strike out everything you love and spare none!


Uh-oh. Wiglaf being perfect, he probably just chose the perfect one that Mordred was working up toward.

So, Camlann ended up as a decoration over the mantle piece. I’m going to be that the Orb of Bliss ends up powering a lamp in the Springland Apartments lair. Or becomes a gift to Driver, if she’s the only one that can get it to behave itself.


Oh! I forgot. Sorry.

Excellent work with the expressions, Liliy! They’re evocative of a whole range of responses.


*Laughing* Should have known Wiglaf already destroyed one of those objects.

Mordred has some great one-liners. “Mind Control.” “Sounds girly.” “Wait…with the orb?” XD He’s on a roll.


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