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Keeper of the Green

What’s this? Referencing stuff from the first storyline? Tell me it isn’t so. XD

Ha ha. I kid.

Anyway. I’m tired and oh -

ATTENTION: Hurricane Irene is supposed to hit my area pretty badly over the weekend. WaM may or may not happen Saturday depending on if I have power/the area, etc. Just fair warning for you guys who come to the ustream and when you check on Sunday. I’ll let you know if it’s definitely canceled via Twitter.

EDIT : Power is definitely fluctuating on and off. WaM is definitely not happening this weekend. XD Thanks for the well wishing & stay safe everyone in Irene!

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Never, Never ¬†Gonna Give You Up” by Barry White


Ffff. If WaM doesn’t happen Sunday do you really think anyone would care. I mean, we would, but more because we’d be freaking out over whether you’re okay and not because we’re angry you didn’t post a comic. :T


Heh heh, that cashier is lucky to still be breathing after calling Driver “sir”. XD

As always, I enjoy how expressive Driver is even without her eyes showing. You convey her feelings of surprise, anger, and worry very well.


Oh my gosh, SAD WIGLAF IS SAD. D: and really cute.. I can see why Mordred would encourage him to make that face more ;) And Mordred is gonna be PO’ed when he finds out HE was the wrong one… mwhahaha, can’t wait!!


Hope the storm didn’t cause too much damage in your area. We still don’t have power around here, but were spared the worst of the storm.


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