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Kicking Is New For Grace

He could hit Azrael all he wanted before, but he didn’t have any legs! So this is a new experience he’s going to use to the fullest because he’s tired and grumpy. :D


It’s about time these two settled accounts. Specifically the account of debt that Grace built up over the years by lying to Azrael about having to kill so he wouldn’t die. Though I am hoping to see how the Valkyrie sisters deal with Grace now that he has a physical body.


Red and yellow and blue and green,
Purple and orange and black,
I can bruise a rainbow,
Bruise a rainbow,
Bruise a rainbow on you!


wait! where did the valkyries go? weren’t they here? somewhere? did i miss them leaving? i unno im reading when sleepy. that sleep no sleep comic was indeed v. relatable


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