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Kid Needs To Get Out More

Now whether the title is referring to Safir or Hnæf, it’s up to you.

Eventually we’re going to leave this arc and Security won’t be hanging around Hnæf 24/7…that’s going to be so weird.

Anyway; I probably could have stayed up another 30 minutes to finish coloring but I’m reaching my limit. I think I’m going to go read something mindless and pass out.

As always – thanks for being patient with me! It’s a busy weekend and I’m beat. XD

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Santa Fe” by Bon Jovi


Poor, long-suffering Horatio. Good, smart Safir. Bad, bad idea, Security.

Thing is, Horatio probably is completely cognizant of Safir’s meaning. Whether he chooses to take the “my boss actually still cares!” tack or the “WTH HAVE YOU BEEN DOING ALL THIS TIME!” tack again, something will probably blow up. Especially with Janus pushing that (red?) button.

Thanks for giving us the comic, Liliy. No worries about the color. Get some rest, OK?


Watching him on TV? Oh? What’s this all about then?

I disagree with KGJ – I think it’s a brilliant idea of Security’s, if Arthur and Sedrick show up now it will be hilarious. :D


Yes, it would be hilarious, I agree Eheheh, but if Arthur showed up you KNOW he’d let slip the dragons of war, leading to several pages of characters dodging flame jets and swiping wings, likely the destruction of Janus’ residence, and Sedrick’s extermination of a number of people currently near and dear to our funny bones. And possibly Arthur Sr. being really REALLY angry and sparing nobody but his grandson Safir.

That much destruction just sounds– …bad.

Unless Security deposited Arthur and Sedrick in Hnaef’s lair! That could be rather amusing at this juncture. “Hnaef, didn’t I tell you not to crawl in the vents? Yes. THEN WHY ARE ALL EXITS HERE VENTS?!?!”


Safir is so funny pointing out that he recognizes Horatio from TV. XD Now Geoffry is trying to cover up his past with Safir standing there. :D

Driver looks pretty happy to see Horatio suffering, because we know she doesn’t like him very much. Horatio should have thought twice before annoying her all those times. :)


Love the view in the second panel. Poor Horatio’s gonna’ be on that floor for awhile I think. And I imagine both of those children could stand to get out; does Safir even get to leave the complex outside of family events? XD


HIs Grandfather takes him out. :D


Why does that worry me? For some reason I doubt a super-megalomaniac wouldn’t have conventional ideas of what is “kid-friendly”.


Y’mean you don’t think Whack-a-Mole using real infiltrators/doubled agents from curious enforcers of the law is appropriate? It IS a traditional kids’ arcade game, after all. And re-enacting Celtic-Roman battles is nothing short of educational! It’s history.


I wonder if Security is more worried about the results of bringing them back, or Sedrick trying to filet him if he shows up so soon after marooning them in Paris.

I wonder what Janus is plotting. Or Geoffry is, for that matter!


Y’know, Geoffry’s probably not all that happy with Horatio. I mean, isn’t Geoffry’s company, like, in the toilet right now? I wouldn’t be pleased with my employees either, if they not only neglected to pay my ransom but also ran my company into the ground.

And I do believe Wiglaf had another blonde moment. He’s been getting quite a few of those lately.


Things like the first panel kinda make it painfuly obvious that Wiglaf has a blonde personality from time to time :D

that and I think Security is hesitant because its either his break or theres dragons by Arthur :|


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