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Killing Him Might Work, Too

Heh; I almost forgot Wiglaf was covered in blood. XD

Whoo~ Tired. I was running around today (Saturday) from 9am to 7:40pm. XD I’m exhausted. But it’s in a good way. Plus, I’ve got a cup of coffee with a shot of bourbon, good company on the Ustream & About to do a sketch session (isn’t it fun that I write these blog posts in advance from when they post? XD) – so. Good day all around.

Seriously; I love you all but go outside once in a while and leave your computer if ¬†you don’t usually. Trust me. I didn’t realize how much I needed it. XD

And go find a copy of Bedknobs and Broomsticks if you’ve never seen it. Like now. XD

Edit: Happy Birthday Daddy! (I didn’t forget his birthday…I just forgot his shout out XD)

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Portobello Road” from Bedknobs and Broomsticks


For some reason, Mordred’s “Naturally.” made me laugh really hard. XD It’s been a while since the last “I hate you”, if I’m remembering right… I kinda missed it. XD


Ah, it’s refreshing hearing Mordred’s outright “I hate you” again. :)

And while not over dramatic, this is a quaint and wonderful way to see Mordred first trying to tell Wiglaf about Bliss.

Side note: I almost typed in “Lackey” when I went to type in Wiglaf’s name. XD


So only Mordred can see her, since I’m rather sure Gawain wouldn’t voluntarily get close enough to look (he’s probably none too interested in falling to pieces). But would Azrael be able to see her, since he has Grace? Or can only the wielder of the item and animals/the undead see or hear them? Excellent choice of lyrics btw, my wife and I just bought Bedknobs and Broomsticks a few weeks ago. Great Movie, everyone see it! Treguna Mekoides Tracorum Satis Dee!


Please tell me Grendel doesn’t show up simply to prove to Wiglaf that something really IS there… *Shudders.* Stupid cute things with monstrous names…


Re: “Bedknobs and Broomsticks”.

Like the books, not big on the movie.


I’m pretty sure it depends on which one you knew about first. They’re… only loosely related, from what I remember.

Me, I loved the movie as a kid and was disappointed when the book didn’t involve walking suits of armor.


I saw the movie first and, surprisingly, was bored to tears by it. I thought — and still think — that it’s as if they took two totally different, uncompleted movies; one live-action, one animated; removed any good parts and just mashed them together. At least the books have the virtue of being two separate and distinct stories. In my opinion one of Disney’s rare failures.


Removed any good parts? What movie did you watch? XD Portobello Road and Substitutiary Locamotion/Final fight are still two of my favorite movie scenes.

Not to mention” Eglantine” :)


I always loved B&B. The characters and the adventures are a lot of fun. It’s an extremely charming and enjoyable movie, and a childhood favorite.


You used Portabello Road. I went all giddy when I saw that….*fangirl squeal*

Ah…Mordred, it IS refreshing to hear you just say ‘I hate you’ so bluntly again.


Heh heh. Poor Mordred, having to go through the frustration of trying to convince others of Bliss’ existence. It’s hard enough trying to be a credible villain. XD


If she could pick up a pen and a pad of paper and then started writing with it, hmm.
I think we would get Wiglaf wondering how Mordred managed that trick. Because a glowy ball floating in defiance of the laws of physics in a world with a known talking sword couldn’t possibly have an invisible ghost associated with it.


I really appreciate how Mordred is being bluntly straightforward with the situation. Not like Azrael. You’d think he could at least try explaining that there is a spirit attached to his sword but, no, I guess that’s too much work.


Why would Grace have trained Azrael to look at the sword when he’s talking to him if he wanted people to know that he really exists? The stuff where he was screwing with Azrael around the valkyries is because he’s certain he can get away with it since they think Azrael is insane–and maybe also to increase the rumors that Azrael is insane.


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