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Know it All

Personally I think Hnæf’s a cutie. But that’s just me. He’s good for plot exposition because he does indeed know everything. That’s why he’s Sedrick’s most trusted Intel Officer. :D

*stretches back* I seriously need a personal masseuse.


Hnæf must be like a super ninja because he gets all this info and no one knows! Lol I love the idea that Arthur really knew all along and now Sedrick has to pay the price for lying. XD I also wanna crawl around in vent ducts now!


Yay Hnæf! He’s sneaky… I wonder how loyal he actually is to Sedrick, or anyone for that matter. XD It’ll be interesting to see what happens with him.


Lol, the last panel was jsut perfect.^^

On a different matter, Sedrick looks older ever since you first introduced Hnaef(sorry for lack of letter merging«-»), but maybe that’s just because Hnaef is young.


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