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Lake Doesn’t Care

I swear, if I had a dime for every time I had too many characters in a scene and no idea what to do with them all, I wouldn’t need Patreon. :P

It’s fun though. And you guys love the big cast. I know it. Thank you for reading!

Edit: WaM’s going to be late on Wednesday! Sorry guys. I got distracted working on something and before I knew it it was super late and I had to go to bed. >.>; Don’t be surprised if it’s not up until Thursday, but I might get lucky.


“Don’t we have too many people here right now?”

“Oh yeah, but they aren’t specifically here, and they aren’t going to come specifically here. So….it’s us.”

The actual curse of a large cast. You’d think it’d mean there’d be too many people at important things, but instead you get too few people at the things that matter bc the rest don’t care or are somewhere else. But ah well, I like the variety.


Oh god, large casts are the devil to work with, because you have to balance them out so you don’t end up neglecting characters or focusing to much on certain ones.

I’m working with a cast of, *does a count* at a minimum 11 characters(that are actually important and carrying the story forward, there are a bunch of more minor ones who come in and out of the story, so it’s actually quite large) for a big-ass fanfic, so balancing this is really hard.
I don’t think I’ve had a scene yet where everyone was actually in it at once, I’ve been keeping them split up over several dimensions haha.


A writers have varied approaches and, in balance, varied success with the issue.

A good example for approach, longevity and continued reader interest is J.J of Q.C. infamy. He has an ever expanding cast BUT [not butts disease] his story arcs are limited to a core group from the cast. The thing is that core group changes as the story arcs and cast dynamics change.


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