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Lancelot Had A Headache

I really missed Lancelot. I gave him a new outfit, a new Plant Minion (Generic Monstrosity aka GeMo) and then…I cut his arc short and rebooted into a camping arc. Lol.

But now he’s back.

And I am sorry about last week. There was just so much going on (and a lot I didn’t mention; didn’t affect me directly, but when people around you are upset it tends to carry over) and I got a little overwhelmed. But I’m happy with this strip, I got a lot of work done on my scarf, and I’m finished with WaM early. So that’s a good sign for the end of the week.

Thank you for reading!

Edit: Had to decide between finishing reading Be More Chill and drawing WaM and the book won because I’m not completely done figuring out what to do with Lancey-boy. Hopefully by Wednesday I’ll have this storyline plotted (roughly in my head, anyway). See you Wednesday!


I… completely forgot about him… not sure if I’m happy he’s here or sad at no candy monster.

OH! I just remembered, Wiglaf saif he’d hurt Lancelot or something if he ever saw the mad scientist again. Please tell me there’s popcorn on this tour because things are about to get fun(ny).


Ha ha ha. If only Azrael was here to complete the Revenge. XD


I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if he just fell through the roof after being dropped out of the sky after everything that’s happened in this series.
Or more than likely was brought over by Security to complete the revenge just to see what happens.

Now that I’m thinking about it. How is Azzy supposed to fight without Grace? He is rather wimpy in a fight as we saw with the effects of Bliss way back when.
Is Azzy going through that book of Mordred’s about artifacts to track down a new magic sword or bauble to further his pursuit as a museum security guard?


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