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Lancelot Has A Plan

(There is a 6th Edit down there! 9/30)

To think he used to willingly hang out with Mordred regularly. They were literally the best of friends (if we exclude Driver) before Wiglaf showed up. Lol.

Poor guy. Pushed to the side…ah well.

He’s got his plants. :P

Edit: Long story short, a friend fell on Tuesday & had to go to the hospital. She’s still in the ICU. I’m kinda not okay about it & have been trying to distract myself with Pikmin (and Game of Thrones of all things). We had a pinch of good news, but it’s still all in the air on whether she will recover or not, and I’m not in a spot to think straight.  Depending on what happens I’m not sure if there will be a strip on Friday or not, but there will definitely be one Sunday. I’ll update this post again if it looks like I’ll be missing Friday as well. Thank you for your patience & make sure to go tell a loved one you appreciate them.

Edit #2 (Friday): Friend took turn for the worst. I’m kinda numb and stressed and trying to distract myself. I’ll see you guys on Sunday. 

Edit #3 (Sunday): Friend update: No change. Not waking & in deep sleep. Things could go any direction. Been feeling better about the whole thing, but I guess I’m still distracted. Sat down to draw and didn’t do anything for like 2 hours. I’m just gonna’ go to sleep myself and hope for better news in the morning. Thank you for your kind comments & I really do hope I have an update for Wednesday, even if it’s just a Pin-Up.

Edit #4 (Wednesday Again – 9/23): Long story short I sat down to work on the comic I started on Sunday and the internet wasn’t working, and that might have been a point too far for my ability to be creative right now. My friend is in hospice, and I’m very tired. But I’m very blessed to have so much support from friends and you guys. It’s the only reason I’m holding things together as well as I am, so thank you. I mean that: Thank you.

Edit #5 (Friday 9/25): My friend passed yesterday morning, and her service is this upcoming Sunday. Was debating if I’d draw/work tonight and a friend reminded me it was okay to take time off during this sort of thing, even if we’re pushing over a week without an update. So I’m going to take their advice and continue to chill. Write a little. Doodle. Whatever. (It sounds weird, but WaM sits in a “non hobby” part of my brain, so it’s always a little more stressful to draw than say, writing a fanfic chapter is). Since the Service is Sunday, I know I won’t be doing anything then- so the next WaM update will be on September 30th. It’ll probably still be the pin-up I started earlier this week, but it’ll be up. Thank you again for all your support and kind words.

Edit #6 (Wed 9/30): These notes are now almost comedically long. Looking back though I guess I’ll see the craziness that can happen from an unexpected death and the weeks that follow. First up: My friend’s service was lovely. The bell choir she was a part of was able to perform at the service, and I was planning on drawing a pin-up today of a WaM character as a bell player in her honor. But I forgot that Wednesday was one of the worst days of my work week (it’s abnormally busy). So while I feel much better about things, I’m also super tired. I’m hyped up on espresso (friend took me out to coffee shop to chill & check up), but all I can focus on is written stuff. So I guess WaM gets to wait until Friday (and yes, I am still going to do the bell choir tribute image).

That being said, thank you so much again for all your kind words. Everyone has been very supportive and I’m lucky to have readers & friends like you. With that, I’m going to spend one last day relaxing with a new project (a Visual Novel I’m working on!)  and maybe some Animal Crossing (pumpkin update!!).


Take your time, and do what you need to do. We’ll be here if you need to take time off from the comic. Hope your friend comes out ok.


I am so sorry to hear about your friend, I know from experience, that it’s not easy when you lose someone. Take all the time you need, we still will be here when you return.


Im hoping the lack of update means you toom more time to let yourself recover. You deserve it thats for sure. We can wait as long as you need.


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