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Lancelot Knows Him Too Well

Though it would be Lancelot’s luck it’s the one time Mordred isn’t lying. :P


Edit: It is Friday & I’m taking a “me” night. It was a long week and I’m going to relax without feeling bad about it. That’s my goal this year. Lol. However, I have noticed I’ve fallen into a pattern of updating every other scheduled update and I am going to try and correct that. I am a dedicated creature of habit and it takes work to change. My goal is to start updating 3x a week again starting Sunday. I’ve been streaming again, too, and it’s been good! :D

So I’m going to go chill. I hope you guys also chill. And continue to enjoy Mordred’s little smile. ;D


Okay, is this the first time we’ve seen Mordred give a contented smile? I know we’ve seen him smirk before, but last panel feels like a new look for him. Also, wow, we now see Mordred showcasing how “evil” he can be, with someone recognising his “evilness”. This is good for a laugh.

…and I just noticed that Mordred’s hair is fairly long now. He might be close to being able to get a haircut back to his old hairstyle, getting rid of most of the pink in the process. Only most of, as I suspect he might still have the ends be pink if he gets a haircut back to his old style now.


That pink grew out a long time ago. Mordred’s been dying it himself to keep the look. He likes it. ;D


Huh, so this is the woman who decides to make a move on Wiglaf other than gushing over him.


GeMo knows what she wants.


Well then, looks like Wiglaf’s folks have a chance at grankids. Maybe now his dad will let up on his choice of friends.

And I’m betting Mordred’s mom would approve of this situation. It seems like her thing considering she approves of more skin showing for villainy… at least that’s what I understood of her from your gallery pics when she lectures young villainous women.


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