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Lancelot WILL Figure It Out

Wiglaf in that second panel is one of the best things I’ve ever drawn.

In other news, I started watching Beastars¬†and it’s awesome. A little violent. But Awesome. Check it out if you get a chance or it looks even remotely interesting. :D

Edit: I…don’t know what’s up with me, but I’m tired and gonna’ pass out. So I’m going to leave the strip on something I was very happy with (that second panel – I mean it) and go…try and relax or something. I’m kinda shocked how stressful working from home is? I thought it’d be better, but…I guess not. Gonna’ relax before another long week.


Well, that may actually answer the question. Wiglaf, your body automatically adapted to the invasion, and probably made an inherent copy of the neutralising formula required to remove it. It’s probably part of your “perfect at everything” effect, which one of the characters, probably Lancelot would be the most suitable, should really look closer into in the future. Alternatively, you could look closer into it yourself, but we all know you don’t care enough to do so, as long as it keeps working.


Good Wiglaf! use Lancelot’s SRMD against him, even *if* you have no idea that’s exactly what you’re doing! making a Mad Scientist Obsess over some detail of a thing and *why* that is, is a sure way to give you the time and eventual opening you need to get away and thwart them!


well actually maybe it…overloaded itself? There’s just too much for one plant to take in from Wiglaf’s body. No one but Wiglaf can handle a quirk like perfection. Certainly not a plant.


On your edit, I find it strange that I’ve got friends who love this whole working from home thing and want to be able to stay doing it after this is all over, but I’m totally with you on it. As much as I hate people, I’d much rather be around them than stuck at home.


I wouldn’t mind if I worked from home for half the week or something, but this constant being at home thing is really messing with my sense of time.


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