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Lancelot’s Vengeance

Shame Lancelot wasn’t there to see it.

And yes Creed, I used your favorite word. XD HA.

On that note, “Defenestrated” is a real word. :3

Friday’s WaM should be epic. If it’s not–I’ll go cry. This entire arc has been building up to (and cut a little short to get to) this moment. XD *evil maniacal laughter*

Anyway. You’re awesome. Thanks for reading. :D

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Song Listening Recommendation:

“Pictures in My Head” by Kermit the Frog (Muppets 2011)


As soon as Arthur sees Mordred, and sees that he’s wounded, Sedrick had better start running, fast.
0_0 :shocked: :omg:

:gasp: Ohh, is Friday going to be the start of the big 4-way fight you mentioned earlier(during a stream) Because that would be awesome.


I’m pretty sure Mordred himself has forgotten that he’s wounded. If they was a time for Sedrick to start running, it was while Mordred was wailing on him with a chair leg.


Huzzah! It’s not often you get to see the word “defenestrated” used in context!

(I may or may not have gone through a phase of play-threatening to defenestrate people…)


It makes me unbelievably happy that Wiglaf got thrown out a window. (I LOVE the word defenestration so much~!)

I have a feeling that Arthur may have brought a dragon with him…


I was under the impression that the dragons all killed off by Sedrick at the start of this..?


All of the dragons at the manor, Arthur could have had some hidden elsewhere


If he’s going to randomly bury money someplace, I wouldn’t put it past him to hide a dragon too.
But I don’t think that attacking Sedrick with a dragon is quite the vengeance Arthur has in mind.


DEFENESTRATED! YEAH!! :D Nothing beats seeing that word in all caps. XD

Also, Sedrick deserves to be complimented for his skill. He successfully threw an opponent who’s bigger and stronger. Yay for leverage! ^_^

Now that Arthur’s here, Sedrick could be in deep trouble when Arthur sees that he wounded Mordred. That should set off alarm bells.

I’m sure Friday’s comic will be awesome. Now that Arthur’s arrived, we’ll have all these characters in one place. Can’t wait.


Liliy, I am so proud of you. You actually attempt to draw your action scenes now, instead of having blurry dust clouds or supposedly epic off screen battles.


So Lancelot gets thrown out the front door of their second floor apartment and winds up in a tree and Wiglaf gets thrown through a window with glass … I guess that evens out


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