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Last But Not Least

Ah, one more strip to go and we’ll be rid of this arc. *sings praises*

I’m so sick of drawing them in their formal wear. :*( Ah well.  Thanks for reading every one!

Oh, and I got a Tegaki E. It’s addictive.

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Getting Away With Murder” by Papa Roach


Nuts, missed the first comment for the first time in a bit.

Ooh, no info on Security. Raise your hand if this surprises you!

*looks around* No hands. Gooood.

Sorry, comment made late at night. Awesome page, I love his reaction when Mimir has no information.


I read through all the archives.
And all I can say is OMG <333
Keep it up, I LOVE this comic it is my new favorite :3
And Hnaef’s face, omg it was so awesome <3


Security now has an arch enemy, after a fashion. Hnaef really doesn’t handle mystery well, huh?

Nice work with the simple backgrounds on this one. They convey the moods excellently, Liliy.


It’s a break in his network; of course Hnæf isn’t’ handling it well. :D


*Laughs.* Well, given that he never told Mordred that the magic sword he was looking for would first hide from him, then burn him, then insult him, I think Hnaef is getting his due here.


Mordred never asked! Hnæf doesn’t just give out free info. :P

“If you’re good at something, never do it for free.” – Joker, TDK


Arthur would not accept that as an excuse if he found out Hnaef had set out to humiliate the youngest Garrott.

*Nods.* This has to be a comeuppance for Hnaef.


*Laughing* Hnaef’s psyche has snapped over the unacceptable, preposterous and incomprehensible notion that there could be something or someone beyond the reach of his database. He’s stumped by the sheer sly maneuvering of Security.

Security is such a loose cannon. XD


No data!? NO data!?

This is not possible. It’s time…

For a mental breakdown…

More seriously, can anybody imagine what it must be like for poor Hnæf? He knows everything in the world, EVERYTHING, except the information on this man.

Methinks that Security is going to have a few problems with bugs in the future…


:lol2: The world has has ended for Hnæf.

D: Ah, the random appearing Security strikes again. . .

On a other note. . . I :love: love all your characters. Such sweet children. . .


Security is going to have to watch his back. EVERYONE, regardless of no data, knows that if you kill a security you become a security, and hnæf ( I love my ipod, cuz I can say his name right) knows everything about killing :sly:


no data from mimir is like saying “you just got asked a question from a ghost.” creepy, as well as frustrating. It’s rather nice coming back and looking through the archives once in a while.


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