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Saw A Nightmare On Elm Street (2010) – Read about it on ze’ Blog. Short version? I don’t care what critics say – it was good. Go see it.

And now for the comic. :D We’re back with Azrael & Grace! Huzzah! And just so you know, I have not broken my vow to not introduce any new characters despite the two children in the above frame with Azzy. Ha ha ha ha. *evil laugher*

Okay, Reader Participation time to make up for the pin-up that no one got or commented on:

What did Grace threaten to do!?

Edit: All in color~ And now you can hopefully tell it’s Generic Burglar & Ruby Red joining Azrael for dinner. And for future reference – I always list the characters who appear in a strip in the tags. XD

Song Listening Recommendation:

“All I Have To Do Is Dream” by Roy Orbison


Ha ha, you know you want to introduce new characters. XD And I’d better keep my mouth shut about that threat… even though I know what he actually said. Mwahahahaha! XD

Also, everyone must support A Nightmare on Elm Street by seeing it, and support WAM by purchasing some merchandise. The Galen shirt is really nice! Honest! XD


Lol, love todays comic.

since every ones on an elm street kick, how ’bout Azrail standing infront of a mirror with Freddy’s claw and Grace inside the mirror dressed in freddy’s clothing acting as the reflection?


So is the kid a relative to Gawain? The stab in the heart did not appear to have much effect.

I was looking forward to Wiglaf and Mordred, sitting in the deck chairs sipping tea and watching the icebergs float by, guess not.


So that makes… the first kid Gawain and the second kid… Galen or Horatio? **grasping at straws**


I’m going to guess that the one Azzie stabbed is Wiglaf. As for chewing gum boy…no guesses, maybe later. Though, I am assuming this is at the Garrott manison, so it could be Mordred.


Maybe Grace threatened to possess the sword so that he would stab Azrael himself? Though…I don’t think he could do that…otherwise he’d've already stabbed the kid…hummm…


He threatened to strip so Azrael would be stuck with a nekkid ghost for the rest of his life.


Considering everything from the waist down is ghosty nothingness/legless mist, I don’t think that would traumatize Azr├Žl(annoy him perhaps, but not traumatize). He’s just a torse, head and arms.

I do still wonder what he said though…


Hmm. Well, since Azrael isn’t too horribly, terribly cynical yet, deliberately missed vital organs, and even asked for forgiveness/understanding, I’m guessing that Grace threatened to do something to someone else. Perhaps Grace threatened to give Azrael’s grandfather a heart attack.

Or maybe Grace threatened to go around pinching boys and girls whenever they’re around Azrael so that they’d develop a dislike for the poor boy, anyway.

OR! Horror of horrors! Grace may have threatened to start singing the song that never ends and never ending it (which, indeed, he could do, being a spectre and needing neither breath nor sleep)!


Grace might have told Azrael that he would do something to harm all the children in the cafeteria if Azrael didn’t deal with the one he wanted dealt with. So Azrael would have felt that he had to harm one person in order to protect all the others (and hopefully heal the injured victim, considering that he deliberately missed his vital organs).


heh… poor generic burglar… things never seem to go well for him, do they?

(and why didn’t I think to check the tags? :| )


I know exactly what you mean! Poor generic burglar, no wonder he took up a life of crime!!

And yet, he’s not very good at that either…..


I like Azrael in that color shirt better than the Garrott uniform. It’s just… better, more vibrant.

I’m going to assume that Grace’s threat is something that Azrael would be terribly annoyed by. And seeing as he isn’t overly annoyed by much (maybe that’s a false statement) other than grace, it would have to be something that grace could do to pester him with forever. And ever. And maybe a little more after that.


I’m going to wager that Grace threatened to ignore/leave Azrael.

Then again, that depends how long they’ve been together in the above sequence. :)


Considering he’s still young at this point, he’s probably still terrified of him, so I would think that Grace threatening to leave or ignore Azreal would be a definite blessing to him. Considering Grace said himself that there is no use fighting him or trying to ignore him, it has to be something quite sinister. Though I can’t make it out if it’s going to be a strange, possibly funny threat, or a srs business creepy threat.
Guess we have to wait and see! D8


“Srs business creepy threat” would be closer. XD


Wait. Does Azrael have his little problem, yet, or does that come later? I can see Grace being mean/threatening about that…


Nah, not yet. That happens later when he’s older. XD

…and Grace is rather nice about that actually. XD He is a man, too. He knows where the belt line is.


Serious Creepy? Take the form of his crush of the moment in a seriously dead sort of way or just his mom in a Vampirella outfit…… Like ewwww.


my guess was along the lines “I’ll tear off your ear and make you eat it”

but I can be kind of morbid like that…


I’ve been busy, busy, busy, but I can finally comment on this strip now! Yay! (Admittedly, it took waking up at 3 a.m. and being horribly ill first thing off the bat, but now i have time to comment before the next strip is posted. :D)

I’ve been meaning to ask this about Grace ever since this strip was posted: how substantial is he? I mean, is he immaterial or is he actually quite solid but invisible? (Like say, could someone run through him or would they bump into him?) Or is he only solid when he’s touching Azreal? Or does he switch between solid and immaterial whenever he wants to? Or…

Clarification, please?


OMG that little kid Azzy stabbed looks like Sedrick…without the missing eye. :shocked: 0_0 :omg:


….The gum-chewer looks kinda like the announcer… What’s-his-name…. Uh….

Well, doesn’t matter. He’s gonna die, anyway! 8D

And as for what he threatened… He threatened to possess Azreal and dance half-naked on the roof of the girl’s locker room. -nodnod-


Grace is pretty ruthless, so I’m guessing one of two things:

1) He threatened to possess Azrael and force him to slaughter his family/friends/little dog Toto; whoever he cares about the most. Just because this is the most obvious threat, and one that is likely pulled out at some point or another.

2) He threatened to enter his dreams and torment him with his least favorite version of the wild thing…for a week straight. This doesn’t mean that Azrael and Grace might be doing it, mind, but who’d wanna see, for instance, their parents getting it on every night in their head?

Because, yeah, ruthless sword is ruthless. *grins*


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