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Ledger Is Gonna Make A New Rule

It’s up! It’s up. XD

*passes out*


Haha, gotta wonder what Grace called him though. Obviously something more colourful than your typical swear words.


I was like “I hate how I can’t tell what the swearword is! It’s starred out.” And she was like “Let me see.”

She counted the stars and then said “D-o-u-c-h-e-b-a-g. You’re welcome.”


Thats only one word … a big word but still only one word and she did states that someone was very creative. creative would be something along the lines of political snippery from the past century or Twain or such when they took a target down a few pegs.


Ledger is greek, right? I vote that the insult has something to do with violating sheep.

That’s my guess.

That would be entertaining. To me.


You know, I think that ledger likes being able to over hear others conversations… Except for when they are bad mouthing them and other stuff like whatever Grace said. Bet he’s hating the fact he has to right down what Grace is saying now.


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