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Lennart Doesn’t See A Phone

Oh, Lennart. XD See what you’ve walked into?

Too tired to recommend a song. Go pick your favorite and listen to that one. <3


Hah, when I lived in DC I’d be walking down the street and pass LOTS of important-looking people in suits yelling at no one… you have to look pretty close to see some of those Bluetooth headsets. They should come with big signs to wear that say, “NOT CRAZY, REALLY.”

Interesting glimpse into these guys’ history, here…


He had his roommate turned into an artefact for him, can we say attachment issues?
Cause that is really messed up.


Some people get schizophrenia in college, Vilhelm just took it a bit further.


Which is creepier? Turning friends and loved ones into Artifacts or turning random people off the street into artifacts?


I gotta say friends and loved ones. While the motivation is easier to understand, you’re keeping those you love from ever being able to die and pass on to the next life.


Ah, but was his roommate turned into an artifact or did he just call Malachi his roommate so no one would be suspicious of… yeah I’m going with the first idea.


*giggles madly at the last line*

Oh, Vilhelm. I’m sure he wishes that he could believe that right about now. XD

Also, there seems to be an issue with the door’s lock. I wonder if Lennart left it that way, or made it that way…


Took me a while to figure out that the “blond idiot” was Security. I didn’t think he was talking about his son… :)


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