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Light at the End of the Tunnel

It’s a miracle they only have one kid.

I was in a fluffy mood and figured “I’ve only got one semi-happy couple; let’s show’um off.” So there ya’ go. :D

And the only thing I’ve been doing the past few days is work and watch House ( House & Wilson still rock my world, btw. I love them so. XD) so I’ve kinda lost any ability to talk about anything else so I’ll just stop typing. XD

…okay so I lied.

House. Season 5. Episode 4. Favorite episode. Hands down. *hugs it*

Seriously, how can you not love them?


yay for the semi-happy couple, I’ll assume the dress she is wearing to the concert is the red one she’s has in the last panel


Geoffry seems to be the perfect husband and father… honest and capable of dealing with Janus. Always. Impressive feat.
They’re happy enough to be shown ^^

My personal favorite is the too-much-showing dress… I guess it’s the color – and that she looks happier with it anyway…

(Oh, and I love the Sancho/Jurinjo and Eddie – voting incestive at Emergency exit… these two are my favorites – especially the goat-boy. Uhm… thanks for it! ^^ )


O_o ..sorry, you smilies amuse me so. :lol2: But seriously, funny strip. Geoffry is ver blunt with the dresses. And the last panel was hilarious, mainly what Geofrry said. :lol: :D


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