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Light It Up And Out

Camlann’s taking names. You’re up first, Wiglaf.

Unrelated, my mother is awesome – I told her I hit 500 strips and she surprised me after work with cake!! :D See!!!?

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Country Roads” by John Denver


Congratulations on 500 comics! Hopefully there will be many more to come! :lol:

By the way, I can’t wait to see if Camlann can still only burn impure things. If so, Wiglaf is still safe… and maybe Azrael too, considering that Grace is the evil one. :happy:


I’m gonna listen to Camlann and flee. Buhbyes! ~poof~

~watches, hidden a safe distance away~ this is gonna be goood.

<3 :love:


10$ says wiglaf kicks his ass.


I dunno, Wiglaf’s more a, hand-to-hand sort of guy, this time he’s going to be dodging fireballs and other magic.


Considering he has theshtick of being perfect, I wont be surprised if he wins even if it is something we don’t usually see him up against.

it would be fascinating to see him lose a fight tho.

and is the all mighty talking swords form temporary?


“and is the all mighty talking swords form temporary?”

Well, let’s see here. Was the Griffin temporary?
That was also something that Éclat “brought to life”.
But now I’m wonder exactly what Éclat possessed. A comment earlier mentioned a toilet.
That would really suck.


500? Wow… I’ve been following since the 200′s, but it never seemed that long….

And I totally wish that I had a Grace or Bliss or some other companion that made me look schizophrenic. It would be awesome!


Congrats Liliy on 500! :D

You’re the… *counts on fingers but runs out of room* person to have reached a milestone in the recent month or two.

By the way,


Duuuuuuude. Camlann is, in actual fact, kind of insane. It’s AWESOME!
Btw: In the last speech bubble, I think there’s supposed to be a comma between “start running” and “hero”.


Now add to add Mordred into the Pokemon scenario.

Bliss, I choose you! Magic Nulify Go!

Though I had the weird image of Wiglaf forcing the Sheath over Cam’s head and fixing it there with duct tape pop into my head… :$


I was thinking that all those magical restraining belts lying around on the floor of whats left of the bathroom might prove to be a bit easier to forcibly put on.

Then again seeing a sheath messing up that well coiffed hair would be a hoot and a half to see.

Lastly, where the heck is Bliss floating now? I know she has a thing for Wiglaf and I bet she would get in on the act and chew them all out something proper or at least talk their ears off and into submission.


:D Totally sweet fire going on there. I bet it was a lot of fun to paint <3

And yay for mothers and surprise cakes! Happy 500th ~blows party whistle with curly paper~


Just sayin’, Camlann looks like he’s wearing a leotard.
A metal leotard, but a leotard all the same.
He’s kinda androgynous, too. I’m guessing that was the point?


I’m not so sure – the garb looks more early Renaissance, though I am not so sure about the hose going over the boots.
(yeah lots of background research in my old DnD Campaigns) :cool:


….See, this is what happens. I go away for a while, and suddenly things get intense. -er.
A new bod, but he still rambles on. Haha, I got to say, out of all of the AMAZINGNESS that is now Camlann, my favorite parts are his EPIC amazing eyes and his shoes. Camlann is wearing heals. am I the only one to notice this awesomeness??? lols :lol2:


Is Camlann evil now or just trying to get back for sheathing him? Because I kind of expected him to be ‘good’ when all of his previous owners had to be pure…and there can’t be that many people like Garrot Sr., can there?


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