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…Like a Married Couple

First off, if you haven’t voted for strip 90 yet, go do it. :D So far the cowboy costumes are winning.

As for today’s strip; a certain someone said “I want to see something other than pointless bickering today!” and I was feeling spiteful for no good reason. *cough*

I love you Daddy. :D

And as for the mystery lady in the last panel – stay tuned for Sunday’s strip to find out who she is. Assuming you hadn’t figured it out already from the one context clue.


Arthur’s still at it! Some people just don’t know when to quit. XD

I find it amusing that Sedrick is unafraid to stand his ground against Arthur, even though Arthur is supposedly the leader. In other cases, underlings wouldn’t dare to contradict their supervillain leaders. Kudos on writing their funny back-and-forth. ^_^


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