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Like a Ninja

Yeah. She did go there.

Introduced another character, baby. Say ‘ello to Hnæf, age 12. He’s the stereotypical boy genius with inspires from Jim Hawking (Outlaw Star). Or at least Jim’s the first person that comes to mind. :D (On a semi-related note; Jim Hawking from Treasure Island is love. I adore that book; gotta find my copy.)

In other news- I can actually see my bandwidth used each month increasing. This means two things:

1) You love me. :D

2) Gonna’ have to watch it because I might have to buy more… >.> Which is bad. *looks in wallet and up at donate button*

Moving on then. ^_^

Um. Eh; I’m done. XD


I’m not actually sure myself…I keep seeing “Hnaff” in the guides; but how do you pronounce the ‘Hn’? XD But I like the name too much to care. XD


Yay for the Treasure Island reference! Hnaef looks like fun. It should be cool watching someone who specializes in intelligence activities.


I had a thought… he WASN’T lying to Arthur, just not providing all the information.

All he said was that males couldn’t reproduce, not that they can switch genders.

Therefore he shouldn’t be feeling bad.


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