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Like A Puppy…

*yawn* Um. Not much to report this time around. Other than it’s great to put out a simple WAM today. XD I sort of missed doing these where the joke’s all in the dialogue. Well, mostly.

…one of these days you’ll catch Mordred do something that isn’t reading and the world will end. XD

Song Listening Recommendation:

“My Sacrifice” by Creed


Oh my gosh, I so <3 that last frame. I love the lines and I utterly adore how you did Wiglaf’s hair. Of course, I just find him collapsed over the back of the couch to get attention hilarious. ^^


His hair is down! His hair is down! Hurray!

Enjoying the story arcs, but this is really nice to see again, Liliy, as you pointed out.


It’s great to see another classic Wiglaf/Mordred interaction. :D Very nice clash of personalities. Wiglaf looks real funny flopping down on the sofa like that. XD

I wonder what Mordred is reading. Maybe it’s a book about religion with a special focus on how villains can improve their relationship with God. That would help Mordred get his mind off the concert, which he really didn’t seem to enjoy that much. It would also help him develop the patience he needs since he’s forced to live with a superhero who watches his every move.

Love Wiglaf’s line denying boredom. :happy:


hmm… i think security will end up being evil or im just trying to make that up… when i asked earlyer lilly dodged the question…


Mordred = me
Wiglaf = my friends

I love the simpleness! We’re back to appreciating their normal life and how much Wiglaf and Mordred are cute together!


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