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Like Statues…

I think today’s WAM is in the running for most random background ever.

And if you’re wondering, said event Driver is discussing happened some time ago. Lancelot’s had time to recover. :$

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Complainte de la Butte” by Rufus Wainwright


Ha ha ha… ouch. *_* Driver is cruel. XD

And yes, this WAM definitely wins the most random background ever. As well as probably most pouting in one issue. XD


Does Mordred just get new wallpaper every week that changes color or something? :D

by the way lots of fun


It’s PSYCHIC Wallpaper xD [ doctor who reference ftw]

Maybe it reflects their moods depending on events that happened and such? It’s like kaleidoscope wall paper :3


Lancelot and Mordred suck at pouting. It’s more like they are scowling. Mordred just looks disinterested. Also, I think Wiglaf is too quick to speak for Mordred, we all know how he likes to be all evil and stuff. Seeing some good ‘ole nad kicking might lighten his mood xD


I have decided that I admire Driver. I’d never be able to do that with a guy who simply got fresh with me. All hail Driver and her personality! :lol:


Ah, Driver….she’s a force of nature. ^_^

Hehe Those are funny random backgrounds alright. They look like wallpaper for eccentric decorators. XD


ow! wow driver you are cruel! :D haha it seems that the magic walpaper isn’t just in Mordreds apartment. it’s kinda everywhere :$ ;] =D


If ya wanna try something really funky, here is a link for a cool bg explainer/tutorial type thing, meh, just check it out. ^^ I think you’ll like it. ;]

Eeep! Sorry, new reader. I LOVE this comic, it’s hilarious and beliveable. :wow:

Ha ha, ouch. Driver is one of my favroite characters. :happy:


Wiglaf must be glad he missed the kicking because he’d have felt the responsibility to intervene somewhere along the way, either by leaping to defend Driver’s honor when Lancelot started into his freshness, or by somehow averting/avenging the kick. Having to act the hero among friends always makes enemies of them– it’s worse than the perfection that drives them away through intimidation/resentment.

The expressions really carry this one, Liliy. Nice work! That particular variation of the wry expression you gave Wiglaf in the second panel is new to your TAWM/WAM repertoire, and you gave Driver her forbidding grim lips in the third panel. They always work well on her. :D


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