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Lime Flavored

And we come to the end of a chapter. Huzzah. Wiglaf accomplished the goal stated in the chapter summary. :D

Friday…we’ll be joining someone else. Haven’t decided who yet. Though it’ll probably be…somebody else.

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Behind These Hazel Eyes” by Kelly Clarkson


Mmmmm, tasty popsicle. :D And of course, Wiglaf accomplished his goal. The popsicle must be a way to celebrate his victory. XD


Now you’ve gotten me wondering what’s going on out-of-panel, again. Why is Lancelot so desperate to get inside? Could it be that he’s been left outside with no pants on?


No, I think he’s just mad he got locked out. 0_0


Hmm. That must be quite a temper he has, then. Most people I know would have gone about looking for some other entrance before the last panel. *Astounded.*


I’m sure he just doesn’t want to tick off the landlord. Sneaking about the apartment complex and all that. :D


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