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Color later. *snuggles up and sleeps*

Edit: I got color up! And for the sake of my sanity, Wednesday’s WaM will be late. Just look for it sometime Thursday. Sorry! ^^;

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Call Me Maybe?” by Carly Rae Jepsen


Well, that’s one more information gathering system Security’s gained access to. He seems to like tracking information, though you have to wonder why; he seems to have limits to how much interference he’s allowed to do.


I wonder if Security can see the spirits and talk with them. It did seem like he could a couple of tomes. Or at least understood what they were.


Whoops, sorry that was suppose to be times not ‘tomes’. Stupid spell checker not getting the right word.


Shouldn’t Security’s right sleeve (and color) be visible in panel 4? He seems to have long sleeves.


I have at no point indicated that it’s Security in Panel 4. :P People just assumed.


People assumed when the comic was colorless. I just assumed Security had just thought of a brilliant plan/tactical maneuver… now that there’s colour, those arms do kinda look like Guin.. Gwen.. crap what’s her name again? (on that note.. when shall we expect an update to the cast page?)


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