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Loiter While You Can

Look! More people! Those poor saps.

So yeah, I hope everyone had a good April Fools’ Day. I know I did ’cause I was on Team Gaga over at DA’s April Fools Extravaganza. oh, and give me Llamas. Love the Llamas.

…I’m blanking folks. XD Night. Zzzzz.

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Big And Loud (Reprise)” Darla Dimple (Cats Don’t Dance)


YAY! I’ve been waiting for those two to come back into the storyline!

and Gawain has his new uniform. I wonder what it looks like in color.


I foresee a “YOU!” moment when Wiglaf sees Gawain.

Is the Orb of Bliss going to push Sedrick over the edge? Will that be the final prompt that makes him lose his patience with Arthur Jr. and strike out to take over the world alone?


Hooray! I’ve been hoping we’d see Gawain and Hagen again. Their inclusion should be a great addition to the story arc.

Now we know that the Orb of Bliss does indeed have powers that would interest a supervillain. Sedrick and Hnaef will want it for sure.

Liliy, you’ve been doing a great job on the chemistry and characterization for Sedrick and Hnaef lately. I hope we see more of them.


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