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Long Walk Back

Bliss is so happy guys, you have no idea. <3


Trot? Huh, I guess Wiglaf is more horse like than I thought. Reminds me of when he carried Mordred up to the lake. I like how this is all so nostalgic.


Wiglaf, she’s been stuck in an orb in a pit for who knows how long, with no one to talk to. I think you can put up with some enthusiasm, don’t be a jerk.


Anyone else reminded of the curiosity core from Portal?


She reminds me more of Space Core? Maybe it’s more because her conversations with Grace remind me more of a potential conversation that can pop up between Space Core and Rick.(Adventure Core)
“Wanna go to space!”
“You wanna know what I hope’s in space? Fire. I hope you go to space and catch on fire.”


Well, Wiglaf, he puts up with you every day. You used to be REALLY overbearing. And he even does it without breaking out into elaborate monologues anymore. His self-control is INCREDIBLE.


That face! :D Wiglaf is having Camlann monologue flashbacks right now, and is starting to think they weren’t all that bad…


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