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Lost The Manual

…I need to stop drawing WaM when I’m tired. I end up writing really horrible bad jokes that have double meanings.

Though Bliss may never get her shirt back. It’s way more fun using her orb as a censor and not having to draw all her freaking ruffles. XD Whooo.

Um. Let’s see. Oh Oh! Zazzle’s about to come out with personalized mini-speakers!!!! I’m really excited & someone’s already requested a Ruby Red Version. Its’ on my to-do list so save up! Especially since Zazzle always has great sales at the release of a new product! Chances are it’ll be 50% off if patterns hold. Best time to get one! In the meantime…I’m going to work on that and be ready! (I’ll also probably have one of Boudica with her Piano.) Yay!

More webcomic authors need Zazzle stores. *noms it*

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Want You Gone” by Jonathan Coulton


Lol, such a simple solution XD
Never thought there would be a day that Grace actually wanted her power on.

(Though he obviously doesn’t need to be touching it fr her to deavtivate)

Haha, censor orb.


Actually that makes sense, cause when you think about it for the swords their masters are always touching them when they use them so their power is activated


lol poor mordred, but I know I saw him blush so there is proof that he definately has a thing for Wiglaf~ ^w^


Her last phrase just reads so awkwardly – OH! I see what you did there – reworded it so that the double entendre would not be so obvious. So a lot more self censorship than first meets the eye. Keep it up XD

Personally I love her floating around shirtless, Mordred being indifferent but annoyed, the rest who could see her freaking out in their own special ways.

This is definitely running gag gold.


Hurray for freaking ruffles.
On a side note, I just now looked at the relationship chart under the cast section. Grace and Azrael’s relationship is pure genius.


I had forgotten about the chart *facepalm* (looks up chart) ….
Uhm … where is Benjamin, Eclat and Bliss in there? Is the relationship between our artifacts (plus not-as-yet-named others yet to be revealed) still in spoiler land and thus not deemed for revelation? :sly:
Lilly is being sneaky (I doubt that it is unmapped territory since she is just that good)

Also we need more Dragon face time. :happy:


I love that angle on the hole from the energy blast in the fourth panel, with Wiglaf and Mordred seen from behind. Nice perspective.

Mordred is still completely ungrateful. XD And I love that Bliss thinks that she needs to change to a different light bulb to represent a bright idea in panel eight. XD


I kind of like LiZn’s idea. You know, the contest. Also, the second panel? :lol2: Cue collective fangirl squee.


I think you mean the third/fourth panels.

And speaking of couple jokes, the ‘random webcomic’ at the side has the comic page up that when Driver makes the comment ‘How was y’alls date?’ in it as I’m typing this. lol


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