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Love Hurts

Going a little old school today.

*yawn* It’s amazing how a week off from work can completely throw off your schedule. XD Been sleeping in and starting this comic late.

Ah well.

Hmm. Oh yes. I never thought I’d be sick of Mordred’s pink hair. XD I miss the black. I really do.

…other mindless rambling? Oh yeah! Saw Alvin & The Chipmunks, the Squeakuel. Don’t look at me that way. I adore the Chipettes. *hugs them*

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Single Ladies” by BeyoncĂ©


I love it i love it i just looove it.

A confused Wiglaf and the dear apathetic Mordred talk while behind their backs the lovers squat turns into some passionate love XD. Genius


Too true, Mordred, too true. :P

Well, now that Mordred’s hair has been pink for so long, it’s lost a fair amount of it’s novelty. That’s not to say it’s bad, just not as funny and amusing as it used to be.


I don’t know, I rather enjoy him having pink hair still. Its interesting since he’s the only person with a more outlandish hair color/style.

Also, they made up fast…


As much as I love a dark-haired Mordred, the concept of him having pink hair will never not be hilarious. :D

ahahahaha Horatio and Viola (I just now noticed they’re both Shakespeare names…/slow) in the background were hysterical.


Ha ha, I guess it’s about time that everybody gave Horatio and Viola some privacy. XD And Wiglaf should probably forget all about it; it isn’t worth his time or effort to worry about Horatio and Viola’s spat.


The background in this case is far, far more interesting in the foreground.

I prefer the pink hair on Mordred, actually. It adds a little bit of visual punch to his character.


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