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Love them PJs

Argh. Not happy with this at all. Expect more changes than color later. XD Still not happy with it. Ah well. :(

In another fail notice – it occurs to me that the only Valkyrie Sister whose name I can pronounce is ‘Brynhildr’ on the account it’s the name you hear all the time.

Does anyone actually know how to pronounce Sváfa or Sigrdrífa? XD

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Jerk it Out” by The Ceasars


Yay fanservice!

…names? Oh, uh… I have no idea. XD This is how I currently imagine they’re pronounced, though (probably entirely wrong):

- Brin-hild-er (already know that’s wrong)
- Sva-fa (…just like it’s spelled?)
- Sig-d… oh God my head exploded. :omg:


It is better then me, I can’t pronounce any of their names. :/

So I do not even try…ever…for fear of head trauma.

They really love their Lord Azrael don’t they? …Now that I think about it…how do you pronounce is name? I’ve been kinda pronouncing it like Isreal…except as AZ instead os IS.


Fanservice!! =D

As for the correct pronunciation………..


Uh, the names exist as the “real” Valkyries from Norse mythos, right? Have you checked on Wikipedia or other such informative sites? A lot of times they’ll give you the pronunciation…. Then there’s the good, old fashioned dictionary itself.


Yes. XD I’ve checked there. They just have the spellings. They’ve got a pronunciation chart somewhere for old Norse, but I fail at applying that to actual words. *_*;


Woo! Fanservice! xD
….Hrm, I have a slight idea on how to pronounce them, I think…
Sváfa…either like how it’s spelled, like “Sva-fa” (like the name Sven), or maybe “Swa-fa” because scandanavians pronounce the V’s like W’s, and the W’s like V’s.
(it’s really funny when my norwegian friend would say “Wideos” xD)
And as for Sigrdrífa…
I kinda thought “Sig-dri-fa”
maybe that’s too easy >__>
I’ll ask my friend next time 83


Hurrah for fanservice! XD I have pronounced the Valkyries’ names the following ways:

- Brin-hil-der
- Sva-fa

It may or may not be accurate, but take it for what it’s worth.


Sváfa is pronounced swa-fa
Sigrdrífa is pronounced sid-dri-fa

just throwing that out there.

nice job liliy!


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