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Loyal Ladies

And we’re back with the Valkyrie Sisters. Aren’t they just darling? They really love Azrae. More than he probably deserves, but that’s okay. *nod nod*

If you’re curious, ‘Quasi’ is referring to ‘Quasimodo’ from The Hunchback Of Notre Dame, which is where the inspiration for Sedrick’s eye came from. And that’s your tidbit for the day. ^_^

Now sit back and enjoy this clip from Disney’s The Huncback of Notre Dame I found hiding on Youtube…because I love that movie’s soundtrack to bits and pieces. I nearly killed my Casette tape (remember those?) of it from over use and let’s not look at the play count once I bought a copy from iTunes. XD


Yay for the Valkyrie Sisters! It’s nice to see them get their own strip, finally. Nice with the valley girl speech; it’s exactly as annoying as it should be. XD

Also, I’d like to protest (once again) the complete lack of fan service in this strip. XD


Hooray for the Valkyries! I’ve been looking forward to seeing them. I’ll bet they’ve been busy patching up Azrael’s wounds. They all seem to be pretty efficient nurses.

Thanks for the Hunchback of Notre Dame clip! Very good movie.


Lol, some how that just seemed very random to me.

‘Not to be rude, but you tend to kill things when you’re in a bad mood.’
‘Your point would be?’
“You look to be in a bad mood, Sir.’


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