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Mad For Mad’s Sake

Ug. Sorry guys. WaM just doesn’t feel like it’s been up to snuff lately. T_T

On the bright side, some new Pair-a-Thon entries have been tricklin’ in. :D I’m going to post them all for voting after WaM goes up on Saturday, so you have a little extra time past the due date to get it in! (In other words, the Due date is the ’7th’, but if you get it to me before I post them, I’ll count it. :3)

Thanks for being amazing readers & sticking with me for the low times! :D

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Teenage Dream” by Katy Perry


I don’t think Vilhelm actually lied though…. I’m pretty sure he just avoided questions/gave vague answers instead of out right lying…

Awww… *hugs* There is very likely nothing you could do to make me stop loving WaM, so as long as it’s here, I will be too. <3


Wait…You’re mad that he works for a “Bad Man” and NOT the Mafia? Maybe I’m falling for Stereotypes, but I thought the Mafia was full of “Bad Men”…


WaM _IS_ awesome and you certainly aren’t going to lose readers through a few strips which are maybe more character development than story progress (but still neat)!


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