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Magical Means Monologue

Magical means monologue. It’s just the rule. :D


…….. I’m on Camlann’s side about the lake.


I don’t know, he could have just left her alone if he really wanted to. Saved everyone and put The Lake back.


He could’ve. Probably should’ve. But it’s Camlann. If he’s not talking or resting then he’s being vengeful about something. And I’m counting his complaining as a form of vengeance.


Well she is found of hearing her own voice and lengthy exhortations with lots of direct and implied threats.
Yup, definitely a villain.
So I see a paddling in the near future.


Eep! She’s kind of adorable. I think Bliss is going to freak out in a minute and demand to keep her as a pet, which Little Lakey Lady here will hopefully respond to in some delightfully violent fashion :D


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