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Make Some Mayhem

Okay, so five minutes late and I’m breaking my “Go to bed before midnight” thing, but it was worth it ’cause I went to see the new Dragon Ball Super movie in theatres & Broly was epic.

So worth it.

But I also got to draw two of my favorite lackeys afterwards, so all in all, a good evening. :D

Edit: Still adjust to new sleep schedule and oh my gosh am I tired. It was a busy day at work, I broke my glasses at some point today (I just noticed) and I am going to bed early. On the bright side, I still really like how Hagen turned out in this comic so you can enjoy it for a few more days. I’ll see you Sunday. XD


Drones flying near airports shut them down quick and cause commuter delays. I wonder what a couple of dragons doing fly bys would do?


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