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Malachi Enjoys Winning

Oh hey. Jokes. WaM still remembers how to do those. XD *thumbs up*

*smacks Malachi* He wanted that joke. He begged for it. I almost didn’t type it and he used that dumb possession power to make me write it.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Galaxies” by Owl City


Let’s see…

Eclat can bring inanimate objects to life because all the living beings he knew seemed to him to be cold, soulless monsters. Whereas, a few inanimate objects (like the ring) held great emotional power and a whole world of thought for him. So the power is based on his outlook, a sword to kill the people and bring the items to life.

As for Grace… His deep obsession with the dolls of his victims manifested as the ability to always present a lesser facsimile of whoever he had to fight.

Am I close? ;)


And Bliss is quite obviously repressing something, so she is repressing the powers of the others…
Can’t figure out Malachai, though


I think Grace gets 98% of his opponents power because he never wants to fight an unfair fight that isn’t in his favor. For example, he always hunted kids because they couldn’t fight back but when surrounded by the cult’s members he acknowledged he had “never been on that side of the equation” hinting that he never fought a fight he couldn’t win.


Pffft. I think Malachi’s my new favorite character. xD

On a somewhat off topic note, what’s going on with Camlann? I mean, you think people would notice a guy chained up in the corner with his mouth sewn shut…


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