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Male Bonding

That last panel is a shout out to an illustration I did for WAM back in 2005. XD Wiglaf has been waiting a very long time to go bowling. :D

I love today’s strip

I’m going to go pass out now. Gotta’ stop drawing these strips at night. Heh.


Hooray, a night at the bowling alley. Wiglaf has good taste. ^_^

I really like how Mordred is completely bored in the beginning of the strip. It’s quintessentially Mordred: He loses all interest as soon as the conversation shifts to a topic other than himself. Everything has to be all about him. XD


And of course Wiglaf will bowl a perfect- what is it? 300?
XD The thought of Mordred in bowling alley rental shoes–!

Yay for Driver having a date! Now is he a doctor of something practical, like medicine or engineering, or of something impractical, like underwater speed feng shui? Hmm. Some interesting stories arise from dates.

So Mordred stays home and reads most evenings. Does Wiglaf ever go out to do hero work like preserving Driver’s virtue (much to her dismay, I’d imagine) those evenings? I guess not, given that she’s still disposed to call him “sugar.” Who will Wiglaf meet at the bowling alley? Maybe some of the people he’s saved will come up and thank him.

Yeesh, Liliy! There are so many options for TAWM/WAM. How do you figure out what to write/draw next?!


Uh; usually I don’t know until it happens. XD I usually only have one or two key strips planned and then the in between ones just sort of, um. Happen.

And a medical doctor. :D And sure, why not. Wiglaf has nothing better to do with his time than go out and play hero. Ha ha.


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