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Man They’re Quiet

Yeah, that last panel is random. I felt like drawing Geoffry. So there. XD

Ha ha. Poor Wiglaf and Azrael. They just don’t know what to do with themselves. And Boudica’s taking over. She’s freaking adorable. *_*

Edit: Turned off comments. Something attracted massive spam to this post. XD

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Jabberjaw” by Pain


My fav so far is still Wiglaf x Boudica, unlikely though it is. I’m sure Margaret would approve of a hero over a serial killer. XD

I love that Mordred just assumes they should be killing each other. I’m kind of surprised they didn’t start once Boudica and Margaret left. And I feare Geoffry may have to accept that his company is gone… it’s not like Janus is going to let him go back to it. XD

Azrael talks to his sword and Wiglaf’s talks back
I love the last panel….its funny cos its true

Ha ha; I didn’t notice that. What irony. XD I’d suggest they switch…but you’d have to pry Grace from Azrael’s cold dead hands. And then there’d be no point.

*dies of laughter* Oh, panel 2… It really tells a lot about Boudica’s personality…

“And for the love of God stop chatting happily with serial killers in public!”


“So why should I give you a book full of stock information again?”

“Because I’m older than you and married to the scariest woman on the planet.”